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Best Cat Breeds

The top 10 most popular cat breeds may be a matter of some debate. However,  the cat breeds on this list are immensely popular throughout the U.S. and the world. The diversity of the top 10 most popular cat breeds is interesting as it includes shorthair cats (Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Bengal, Oriental, Siamese), longhair cats (Birman, Maine Coon, Persian, Ragdoll) and even a hairless cat breed (Sphynx).

With an array of coat colors and some exotic looks, top 10 most popular cat breeds are diverse looking, but each are special and unique in their own way. Read more to find out about the personalities, appearance, and potential health issues of the top 10 most popular cat  breeds.

Abyssinian Cat Breed

abyssinian cat - abyssinian cats - popular cat breed
Abyssinian Cat

Originating in Ethiopia, the Abyssinian (or Aby) cat is a sneaky, curious cat that loves to explore. Because of their innately inquisitive personality, Abyssinians are known to get into mischief. This breed is naturally intelligent and needs constant preoccupation.

It is recommended that Abyssinians have plenty of new toys or games to challenge its mind and keep it out of trouble. In spite of this exotic breed’s tendency to be playful, Abyssinians are a loving breed that easily gets along with children or other animals.

Many Abyssinian owners have found that, by getting another cat of the Abyssinian breed, both cats make wonderful playmates for each other. These athletic, sleek cats have coat colors the are some variation of blue, fawn, or red.

American Shorthair Cat Breed

american shorthair - american shorthair cat - popular cat breed
American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair cat is known for its versatility as a breed. Bred to be a hunter, the American Shorthair excels at catching rodents and bugs. Its astute intelligence allows it to scavenge and chase down its prey. Because of this, the American Shorthair does well with games that keep its senses sharp.

Although this breed is a great option for family life, the American Shorthair’s independent personality may cause some to perceive it as distant or unfriendly. However, its personality should not be off-putting to potential owners. The American Shorthair performs well as a quiet, constant companion.

The American Shorthair has a rounded face and small, pointed ears. It has short hair (hence the name), and its coat comes in a mixture of colors like black, white, silver or red.

Bengal Cat Breed

bengal cat - bengal cats - popular cat breed
Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat breed is attractive to many for the unusual patterns and beautiful coloring in its coat. The Bengal coat is usually a mixture of orange and brown patterns that resemble marble.

Because of their adventurous, high-spirited personality, Bengal cats can be too much to handle for some. Bengals are often seen running around, chasing things, and climbing.

Many Bengals allow their curiosity to get the best of them and frequently get into mischief. This breed needs an ample amount of attention, training, and games to keep it occupied and its curiosity satisfied.

Birman Cat Breed

birman cat - birman cats
Birman Cat

The Birman cat breed possesses bright blue eyes, a white luscious coat with colored tips, and medium to long hair. Sharing similar genetics and appearance to the Ragdoll breed, the Birman is coveted for its beautiful coat and stunning features.

The Birman thrives on being social and enjoys having other feline companions to play or communicate with. It is a breed that possesses a quiet but strong nature that many cat fanciers enjoy. In terms of health, the Birman is  healthy and resilient. Longevity tends to run in this breed.

Maine Coon Cat Breed
maine coon - maine coon cat
Maine Coon Cat

Coming in a wide variety of colors, the Maine Coon breed has a thick coat that is short in some areas but long in others. This gives it a ragged, uneven appearance. They have large feet and pointed, tufted ears. The Maine Coon is built to withstand harsh cold environments.

Maine Coons enjoy hunting and have a natural curiosity that should be fostered through puzzles or training of some sort. This breed can be on the clingy side, often preferring to follow its people around and be a constant companion. The Maine Coon is a breed known for being friendly, sweet, and playful.

In terms of health, hip dysplasia and muscular atrophy are common health problems afflicting Maine Coons.

Oriental Cat Breed

oriental shorthair cat - oriental cat
Oriental Cat

Derived from the Siamese breed, the Oriental cat breed is renowned for its large ears, elegant stride and sleek, glossy coat.

Oriental cats are generally quite small, with females weighing only 5 to 8 pounds and males up to 10 pounds. Their silky coats can come in colors ranging from brown to lavender.

The Oriental cat is lively and playful. An Oriental cat also craves human attention and often returns loyalty for affection. Because of their very short fur, Oriental cats tend to get sick easily, with cancer being a common illness among this breed.

Persian Cat Breed
persian cat - persian cats
Persian Cat

The Persian cat breed is most well-known for its fondness of relaxing and observing its surroundings from a comfortable couch cushion. The Persian’s quiet and refrained personality makes it agreeable to all members of the household. As long as this breed has ample time to relax and nap, the Persian makes a perfect house cat.

The Persian’s long, fluffy, thick coat can come in black, cream, blue, or white. Because of its type of coat, frequent grooming is needed. The Persian’s stubby nose and small eyes provide the characteristic look many cat fanciers love.

Health-wise, Persian cats are prone to respiratory issues, bad teeth, and eye problems.

Ragdoll Cat Breed

ragdoll cat - ragdoll cats
Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll is a large breed of cat that resembles the Siamese in its appearance. Ragdolls have large, oval-shaped eyes and a stout body. Its coat is of medium length and is soft and plush-like. A Ragdoll cat’s coat can be chocolate, white, blue, or a combination of shades and patterns.

The Ragdoll breed is a great breed all around. Its good-natured personality and level-headed temperament make it an ideal choice for families big and small. The Ragdoll enjoys being around people and interacting with them as much as possible.

The Ragdoll cat  enjoys learning tricks and being trained. Some Ragdolls are able to complete the same tricks that dogs learn!

Siamese Cat Breed

siamese cat - siamese cats
Siamese Cat

The Siamese breed possesses an exotic look with its slim body, skinny tail, and large ears. Originating in Thailand, Siamese cats are famous for their almond-shaped, royal blue eyes, and glossy coat.

Siamese cats are social butterflies and quite talkative. They get along so well with other animals and humans, that many blossom when given a companion to play with throughout the day. Siamese are energetic but also love to relax with its owners.

It is recommended that Siamese cats be given plenty of games to keep its mind sharp and occupied due to its innate curiosity and intelligence.

Sphynx Cat Breed

sphynx cat - sphynx
Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx cat is most famous for its hairless body. For many cat owners, this is a plus considering that the Sphynx does not shed. This breed comes in colors like black, chocolate, cream, and red.

The Sphynx has big, wide-set eyes and large, pointed ears that give it a striking look.

The Sphynx breed adores human companionship and does poorly without it. When it receives adequate attention and love, it returns it tenfold with loyalty and devotion to its family.

The Sphynx tends to have a bubbly, spirited personality with a tinge of inquisitiveness.


The top 10 most popular cat breeds are a diverse group, but most can agree they are stunningly beautiful felines. Each cat breed comes with unique needs and personalities so MeowWiki recommends researching potential breeds thoroughly before adopting or rescuing a cat to ensure they are a good fit for the household.

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